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Fund Objectives

Without being facetious, the primary objective of Dragon Capital Funds is to make its Investors money.

It’s really THAT simple.

We go into detail about the specific objectives of each fund in detail in the Introductory Materials that we offer on this site and in the Private Placement Memorandums for each of our funds… present and future.

The Principals of Dragon Capital have spent the better part of their lives learning all they can about their specific areas of expertise.  They have won, they have lost, and they have learned from each experience.  They now want to put that experience, whether on the debit or the credit side of the ledger, to work for YOU.

As you can undoubtedly tell, we are pretty “down to earth” and will tell you the truth about what we see.  But in the end, it is “results” that tell the tale of the tape.  If, at the end of the year, you have more money than what you started with, then we are definitely doing our job.  And, if in a “bad” year, your account shows a smaller loss than your neighbor’s (or maybe even a gain), then we have REALLY done our job.

But no matter what we tell you here, we would rather have a real conversation with you.  On the phone certainly, but preferably face to face.  Please give us a call at your convenience and let’s talk about what WE do, and how we can do it for YOU.

Craig Higdon, CEO
Robert McCarthy, CLO


Fire breathing … Powerful … Long lived … Independent … Fiercely intelligent.

Fiction?  Myth?  Legend?  Racial memory of the dinosaurs?  Regardless of the origin, the concept of “dragons” has fascinated mankind for centuries.  We have stories of gallant knights fighting fire breathing dragons.  The Chinese celebrate them at their New Year.  The Japanese stylize them in art and literature.  They even play central characters in modern books and movies such as “The Hobbit,” “Harry Potter,” and “Game of Thrones.”

Dragons have come to symbolize power, strength, beauty, and wisdom.  They also strike fear in the hearts of their enemies.

In fact, the world famous martial artists, the Shaolin Monks, have the dragon as one of their five “animals” in the pantheon upon which they base their movements and strikes.  In their discipline, the Dragon is noted for its flexibility, is the only mythological creature in the pantheon, and is also the only animal that can fight on land, in the water, or in the air.  The Dragon helps the martial artist to develop “inner strength.”

It is this depiction of the Dragon that helped the Principals of Dragon Capital Funds to name the company and to develop its approach to investment options.  One of the principals, Craig Higdon, is a multi-degree black belt in Shaolin Kempo and also happens to collect Dragon art.  When trying to name the company, the principals looked around the room… looked at each other… and said:  “DRAGON Capital!”

In designing the investment offerings of Dragon Capital Funds, we kept in mind our diverse investment backgrounds, experience, and sought to blend those into unique methods for offering investors options that were more flexible that those offered by our competitors.  We also wanted to be able to offer investors a diverse choice of investment options… ones that would cover a broad range of investor interests… while being true to our own personal expertise.

We believe wholeheartedly that we have achieved those objectives with Dragon Capital Funds.

We encourage you to look through Dragon Capital Funds offerings and consider us for a portion of your investment capital.  We seek high income, high growth, and safety.

Invest with us and put the power of the Dragon to work for you.

Meet the Dragons:


Craig Higdon

CEO & Managing Member
Dragon Capital Management, LLC
Dragon Capital Advisors, LLC

Craig Higdon obtained his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern California in 1981.  He gravitated into the business world rather than engineering, working briefly in IT for a small garment manufacturer and then becoming a retail stock broker specializing in Pension Fund Monitoring for Wedbush Securities, Bateman Eichler Hill Richards, and later Paine Weber, focusing on Pension Fund Monitoring.  He later moved to a company that aggregated C-Credit automobile loans into portfolios that were sold to S&Ls in the late 1980s, also occasionally getting involved in loan portfolio sales.

After the S&L Crisis, he worked in his own investment banking firm securitizing portfolios of automobile loans for smaller finance companies.  When major companies such as GE entered the business, that company was dissolved and he became a commercial mortgage broker in 1993, occasionally originating residential loans, as well.  He became the Director of Commercial Loans for both First Capital and First Financial, captive mortgage companies for large Los Angeles based real estate brokerages (ultimately Coldwell Banker and the Prudential) through the 1990s.  He earned his MBA from Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK in 1996.

In 1999 he formed C. S. Higdon, Inc. in California, an independent commercial mortgage brokerage that provided financing services nationwide.  He has originated all types of commercial loans since 1993, from Multifamily to Church, purchase, refinance, and a significant amount of construction loans.  He is putting that experience to work as the “lender” and is using his extensive experience to drive business to DCF.

He is a practicing black belt in Shaolin Kempo Kung Fu, skis, SCUBAs, plays tennis, and bodybuilds.

Missi Boyd

Missi Boyd

Loan Coordinator - "The Boss"
Dragon Capital Management, LLC

Missi Boyd knew from an early age that she wanted to be in medicine and began her work career as an Operating Room Nurse in Southwest Florida, assisting surgeons in all types of medical procedures.

After suffering a major auto accident and then going through months of grueling rehabilitation, she was forced to change careers because she could no longer meet the physical requirements of nursing.  In a complete makeover, she became a nationally and internationally published fashion model, eventually working for Dolce & Gabbana as their top Head Model for a number of years in West Hollywood, CA.  While involved in that career, she also became a licensed esthetician and personal trainer.

Seeking further challenges and wishing to put her intellect and attention to detail to work, she became involved with Dragon Realty Capital as its Loan Coordinator, organizing broker submissions, tracking outstanding conditions, and keeping transactions on track to close.  If she calls or emails you, don’t wait to respond… because she’s “The BOSS.”

Robert McCarthy, LinkedIn. Cropped

Robert McCarthy

CLO & Managing Member
Dragon Capital Management, LLC
Dragon Capital Advisors, LLC

Robert McCarthy, co-founder and Chief Lending Officer of Dragon Realty Capital, began his professional and financial services career in 1990 as a banker for Great Western Bank.  Robert was working in Valencia California doing residential real estate loans for purchases and refinances.  In 1993 Robert went to work for Mortgage Resources, a real estate brokerage in Van Nuys, California.

After receiving his Real Estate license, Robert originated hard money, commercial, conforming, and FHA loans for refinance and purchase. In 1995 Robert started his own Net Branch operation in Calabasas, California with National Home Funding. He managed a team of 15 employees that originated and funded hard money, commercial, conforming, and FHA loans.  In 1999, he merged his net branch with American Home Loans in Santa Ana, California.  As a net branch manager/owner Robert managed a loan origination team of 21 sales associates, processors and assistants.  As a direct lender, his operation funded subprime, hard money, commercial, conforming, and FHA loans.  In 2002 he joined Mortgage Loan Specialists in Solana Beach, California as a net branch manager/owner. He built a 25 person loan team that funded subprime, hard money, commercial, and jumbo loans.  In 2008, he joined Olympia Financial in Encino, California to specialize in private money and commercial loans.

On May 17, 2017 Robert went to work with Bankers Investment Group in Lake Forest, California, specializing in private money and commercial lending.  He is a graduate of California State University, Northridge and obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Radio, Television, and Film in January of 1986.  He currently holds a California Bureau of Real Estate sales license.

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